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Interior Design – How To WOW With Wood Walls

     Make a statement with beautiful wood-panelled walls. Design editor Reiko Caron shares how to add rustic wood panelling     to walls that can be done as an accent in your bedroom, living room and even your kitchen. Learn how to DIY the project with   easy step-by-step instructions and get decorating ideas on how to add a cottage feel to your space. 

     Using double-sided tape, Reiko adheres the panels vertically for easy application. You could also apply them horizontally,   diagonally or in a herringbone pattern for added visual interest. Reiko recommends mixing wood pieces with varying tones   and finishes side-by-side to add warmth and texture. To contrast the rustic cabin-like feel of the wood, Reiko adds pops 

 of modern white and black.

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