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Interior Design – A Playful Living Room Makeover

     Watch as Reiko Caron transforms a drab living room into a warm and vibrant space with finds from cutting-edge Toronto   artisans. 

     Find out what Reiko picked up when she hopped in a 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE to visit Schön Studio, Coolican & Company and   Crown Flora Studio. 

     Reiko started the makeover with a fresh coat of paint, opting for grey-white walls and a vibrant blue ceiling. Taking a cue   from the room’s stained glass windows, she re-upholstered the existing sofa with a rich green fabric to add personality. 

 Next, she brought in an array of handmade walnut tables to add warmth and styled them with terrariums for a quirky touch.   For the final showstopper, Reiko propped a brightly-hued bike in the room for sculptural charm.

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